Physical Therapy Aide

Job Description

While a physical therapy aide is not a licensed practitioner, they are still a crucial part of a physical therapy team or office and help physical therapists deliver quality care to their patients. They work in the behind the scenes, in hands on projects, and coordinators of all things physical therapy. Any physical therapy office or department runs more smoothly and effectively with an organized physical therapy aide.

The following are regular responsibilities and duties for a physical therapy aide:

  • Prepare for upcoming therapy sessions by organizing the treatment locations based on the patient’s needs
  • Clean therapy area and set up any needed and necessary equipment
  • Watch the patient’s development during therapy sessions and make notes on how the patient is responding. Therapists and physical therapy assistants use these notes and reports to evaluate the usefulness and helpfulness of specific treatments for patients.
  • Help patients move from one area of therapy to another – aides should have physical strength because they may have to move several immobile patients each day. Aides are there to help patients walk, push them in wheelchairs, or assist in sitting and standing. They are even sometimes responsible for helping to pick them up and move them to another location.
  • Fulfill office and clerical duties, such as ordering supplies, answering phone calls, taking appointments, calling patients, and helping complete and file insurance paperwork


  • Active PA License
  • Current CPR
  • Willingness to put patient first and provide hands-on care

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