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“Muscle Attitudes” by Dr. J.C. Guimberteau

This is an excerpt from Dr. J.C. Guimberteau’s newest research DVD entitled “Muscle Attitudes”. In this excerpt, the narrator is describing how the fascial system is one continuous tapestry of tissue that connects every structure to every other (in this case, muscle). Scientists have known this for centuries but have never been able to record tissue in vivo, or while alive, nor been able to view the ever-changing landscape of our internal body.

“Strolling Under The Skin” by Dr. J.C. Guimberteau

This excerpt is from Dr. J.C. Guimberteau’s landmark first research DVD entitled “Strolling Under ther Skin”. It is the first publicly available recording of the fascial system in vivo (“within the living”). The narrator explains such things as the fascial systems fractal nature (each part being similar in structure to the whole), it’s modeling of tensegrity and the ability for it to rearrange as we live and move. In their words “the human body is one and the same tissue that has differentiated over time but who’s basic organization is stereotyped”. Or as John Barnes, developer of Myofascial Release, has stated many times, “we are all fascial beings with embedded specialized structures”.


Myofascial Release by Dr. ABC News

This is an ABC News story about the beneficial effects of Myofascial Release, including preventing or postponing surgery.