Myofascial Release

Manual RX – Myofascial Release

Myofascial Release (MFR) is a whole-body hands-on approach to evaluate and treat the muscles and connective tissue (fascia) of the body. The current approach was developed by John F. Barnes, PT after finding other manual techniques limited in their vision and temporary results. MFR posits that the majority of orthopedic and chronic pain conditions are caused, in part, by restrictions within the fascial system. Restrictions within these tissues can lead to abnormal tensions that can cause lack of mobility and pain to manifest.

Inner Circle utilizes MFR as our foundational approach to assist in changing these structural and functional limitations to improve your injured tissue and return you to your active and pain-free lifestyle.

Our Approach

Our hands-on approach, utilizing manual therapy and exercise, has helped even the most difficult diagnoses (including fibromyalgia, herniated discs, arthritis, orthopedic injuries and other chronic pain syndromes) to change and heal.

Inner Circle’s hope for the future is to continue to grow, support and provide the optimal physical therapy service in our community.

Our Focus

At Inner Circle, our focus is on you and not your diagnosis. Our hands on approach is non-invasive and gentle, but effective. You are in control of your health, we are here to help! Fill out the form below or reach out to one of our locations today to schedule an appointment!

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