When People Come to Us, They Feel Better

“I was being treated by a chiropractor for chronic hip pain for about four months which led to a severe case of sciatica. Chiropractic had run its course and the condition was not improving. When I started at Inner Circle, the pain was at its height as I had difficulty sleeping and on most days couldn’t even sit down. The therapists at Inner Circle began treatment with heat and stimulation, stretching, strengthening, icing and most importantly, hands-on work of relieving restricted fascia. Within a few short months, the inflammation slowly subsided until ease and strength returned to my hip.

What felt like miraculous relief of my hip got me to thinking about the chronic plantar fasciitis I suffered from off and on for over a decade. Visits to podiatrists and series of cortisone shots gave short-lived and expensive relief, since each doctor prescribed different orthotics. Nothing worked!! I even tried acupuncture. The flare-ups lasted for years at a time. Most days it felt like I was walking on nails. At the point at which Tim started treatment on my foot, I was ready to have the heel spur cut out through surgery. I was at the end of my rope. About four weeks of manual therapy on my heel and the fascia in the calf muscles and foot gave me complete relief.

A healthy body is our greatest gift. Don’t suffer when Tim and company can relieve restriction and restore your body to its natural strong and healthy state. It takes work and consistency but the results are beyond measure. Thank you. The debilitating migraines of the past thirty years are almost gone. See you Tuesday.”

– Joan A.

“For thirty years, I have suffered from the symptoms of Fibromyalgia Syndrome; sore, painful muscles and connective tissue along with a lot of stiffness. For years, I was misdiagnosed and even after the diagnoses, I received no really effective treatment. To make matters worse, I was given medicine with harmful side effects, talked into destructive and radical surgeries and given physical manipulations and therapies that caused serious increases in pain. I have spent thousands of dollars and gotten nowhere in my thirty year search for anything or anyone to provide me with real help.

That is until my doctor sent me to see Tim Alloway at Inner Circle. He actually has an understanding of what is going on with my pain. By using Myofascial Release techniques, he and his co-workers have begun to loosen what seems like a straight jacket under my skin that is pulling and twisting every part of me and creating so many of my debilitating symptoms.

Although I have a lot of issues for Tim and his team to work on, I already see positive results. I can get eight hours in bed at night without a backache forcing me to get up sooner. I can spend more time sitting and driving. Tim and his staff explain what they are doing, why and encourage me to be a part of the process.

For the first time in many years, I have reason to believe my circumstances can improve.”

– Don S.

“I wanted to take a moment and let you know the impact your facility Inner Circle has made in my life. I am now about 7 months out from my lower spinal fusion surgery and was able to return to work at the hospital in just 13 weeks after my surgery due to the care I was provided by Inner Circle. I am only able to continue working 40 hours a week because of your ability to guide me through the process of physical therapy also with your emotional support during this horrible time in my life.

Throughout the last 4 years of my life, I have endured constant pain in my lower back and legs. I have had a laundry list of medical procedures, including three back surgeries. Lately, I have only heard the dreadful words “I am sorry, there is nothing else we can do for you.” from my surgeons. But from the time I have worked with you I have only heard “I can help you”, and those words have helped me through the days were it is too painful to get up in the morning. So “thank you”for giving me hope that the constant pain I have will decrease in time, and also I could in time decrease my pain medications.

The environment in which I have received care from Inner Circle has always been one of healing and support and for that you will always have my gratitude.”

– Liz

“With today’s busy lifestyles, no one looks forward to having to take time to go for therapy. They would rather have a “quick fix” with pain medications or they have had unpleasant experiences with therapy in the past. Well, all that will change if you choose Inner Circle; they are highly-trained and knowledgeable therapists with a friendly atmosphere. You never feel rushed, are always treated with respect and their kindness permeates the entire room. I would highly recommend that if you are living with pain to make an appointment. It is life-changing… I am proof of that fact.”

– Joan F.

“I didn’t think my aches and pains would ever really get better and would probably just continue to get worse. I asked my rheumatologist for a prescription for physical therapy to hopefully fix my leg. And since I have fibromyalgia and a degenerative disc in my neck, I figured it would help that too. I expected to be sent to a Physical Therapist like the ones I’d seen before; the ones who give you a few exercises and watch you from across the room. But Inner Circle was entirely different; I was truly impressed by the depth of treatment I received, beginning on my first visit.

When I started with Inner Circle, I thought my leg was coming out of my hip but, after a couple of visits, it felt like it was back in the socket. The clincher for me, though, was that they identified the cause of my aches and pains which had started over 30 years ago and which all the doctors just ignored. Now we’re working on getting my bones back where they should be with therapy and exercises which help my body instead of hurt it. I wish I had taken pictures before we started because the changes are amazing.

I definitely recommend Inner Circle to everyone I know and I won’t go anywhere else!”

– Jane E.

“Eight years ago, I suffered devastating injuries to my face as a result of a serious fall. I sustained multiple contusions, lacerations, adhesions and scar tissue which caused me to lose muscle control of my mouth. I required 70 stitches, broke my nose in two places and fractured my orbital bone.

At a follow-up visit with my plastic surgeon six months later, I was told I was healed as much as I could be and would have to learn to deal with the loss of control to my upper lip and right side of my mouth for the remainder of my life.

That was when Tim Alloway and Inner Circle came into my life. Tim had been treating me for the injury to my back from the fall. When I informed him of the prognosis from the plastic surgeon, he offered me a chance to regain what I had lost through his use of manual physical therapy directly to my mouth, a therapy that he could perform if I trusted him and worked with him.

I did trust Tim and my trust has given me both physical and emotional rewards. Tim has worked tirelessly and skillfully on my injuries. Through his dedication, patience and skill, I have regained the use of my mouth and the deep scars have minimized to a point where they can barely be seen.

Inner Circle is a professional, accredited company that cares about people, their needs and their well-being. Tim and his well-trained staff are both skilled and dedicated in helping their patients and improving their quality of life.”

– June P.

“I came to Inner Circle in July of 2000; a result of a work related injury. Having lived with pain and apprehension since my fiasco, all I had left was my sense of control. Having had 2 MRI’s and 2 EMG’s, which by the way were interpreted in opposition to one another, my levels of trust had plummeted appreciably. Oh yes, life went on but was physically restrictive. I tried to go about my daily activities, but pain just made easy things suddenly difficult. Many times I felt as if I weighed 1000 lbs. There were few options available, surgery, drugs, or live with it! Surgery was out as I’d had a really horrible experience with it. Drugs were no solace, as they made me sick, mask dysfunction, disable me from normal function, and presented the risk of addiction. At that time I had no other viable options so I decided to live with it all.

Then I was referred to Inner Circle to begin a course of physical therapy treatment sessions not knowing Tim or his unique approach to healing that would provide me the path I needed to begin healing. Were the results to be quick and painless? No! I fought Tim every step of the way and at times still do. Fear was and is the culprit. To submit to someone you don’t know; to trust in a way you’ve never experienced; to relive pain you would rather hide from; and finally to relinquish your last defense; “control” was and still is scary for me! Still, after time and Tim, I began to recognize the improvements that Tim and I were making. Tim and I worked on imaging to release subconscious awareness, thereby resting my conscious mind. We also did manual work that was therapeutic, relieving and painful.

Tim has begun to show me how to go through the pain to its source. Not always pleasant, and often painful, yet not only are Tim and I maximizing my disability, I believe I’m improving as a person. I still have a long way to go towards complete awareness and health, but every journey starts with the first step. As the Paul Simon song says; “Hop on the bus Gus”! I’m still not sure where it’s going, but I know where I’ve been.”

– Jerry F.

“When I first walked into Inner Circle Physical Therapy I was very doubtful. This was my 4th physical therapy office in a 2 year span. I was dealing with severe pain in both of my legs and throughout my back that brought my life to a halt when I was just 22 years old. During my initial visit with Tim he said 11 words to me that nobody had said to me in the previous 2 years, “if you allow me to help you I promise I can.” That’s where my trust for him and his therapists began. Little by little I could feel and see a change in my pain level and my outlook on the situation. The exercise program I was given was different from the other ones I had been given at the previous therapy centers because it was focused on what I needed and it was at my pace. When I first started my care with them I was on so many different medications to help relieve my pain but they did nothing to help correct the problems I was dealing with. Having the hands on treatment allowed me to slowly come off all of the medications while the therapists taught me how to relieve my pain with self treatment techniques on the days I didn’t see them. (By the way the only days I wasn’t there was only because they were closed.) This taught me how to focus in on what I was feeling and to find a way to decrease my symptoms on my own. The amount of medications that doctors were putting me on scared me. I was unsure of where I was heading because that’s all the doctors seemed to want to do was increase the medications and say we’ll see you in a month. Just to increase them again. Until I found one doctor who swore by Inner Circle and my thought was, great another therapy center. He promised me that they were different. The care that they provided me was like no other care I was receiving anywhere. Anytime I had any kind of a set back every therapist was always there to help guide me back and give me the knowledge of what I was experiencing and get back on track. This place truly changed my life and if you are dealing with pain of any kind and you allow them to help you they will.”

“I highly recommend Inner Circle, I have a bad back and was post surgical. I’ve tried many kinds of physical therapy. I’ve gotten real permanent improvement from Inner Circle’s combination of manual therapy, exercise and education. The best of its kind, Inner Circle.”

– Phil S.

“At 36, I had severely debilitating nerve pain. Inner Circle’s staff gave me back my life with Myofascial Release and the “Four Phase” exercise program. They treated the root of the cause, not just the symptoms, while teaching me how to maintain my new found health. I love Inner Circle Rehabilitation!”

– Mike W.

“Inner Circle’s methods allow me to strengthen my body without increased pain. As my tightness decreases my strength comes more rapidly.When the soreness come from daily activities in my life, it has shown me how to address the causes.”

– Matt T.

“When I came to Inner Circle Rehabilitation, I couldn’t stand or walk for more than ten minutes without pain. After two months, I just did a 5K walk in support of my best friend.”

– Doug H.

“Inner Circle Physical Therapy and Myofascial Release Centers is hands down, not your typical cookie-cutter center. The therapists are approachable, educated and compassionate. They work together in helping patients strive to achieve a better path to restore their well-being.”

– Liz H.

“I’ve been on both ends of the healing process, as a patient and a health care provider, I’ve experienced first-hand how debilitating, chronic pain can be. I will honestly say that the way Inner Circle handles therapy has kept me balanced physically, mentally with answers, and, at times, emotionally.”

– Traci P.

“Finally found a therapy that works and practitioners that are both caring and competent. This is truly a healing environment. I am very grateful.”

– Kathy E.

“When I think of Inner Circle, I think about how I was told that I would likely be in a wheelchair in six months. I was already in a hard turtle shell back brace when I walked into the door, pain pills every day, constant pain, my legs well they were failing me. With time and work I have been able to do amazing things, things no one thought I would ever do.”

– Karen G.

“Having shattered my leg, 3 surgeries, multiple levels of scar tissue, infection, atrophy and pain, Inner Circle has continuously provided me change and hope to start my life over. If you’re ever in motorcycle accident or coming out of a surgery, Inner Circle should be your choice.”

– Brian P.