Metaphors for Healing: The Tale of the Uneven Tire

Posted on December 7th, 2017 by innercircle

Imagine that you return home from driving your car and notice some uneven wear on your front driver’s side tire.  You take your car to the best mechanic in town and have them put on the best radial tire that money can buy.  The mechanic doesn’t change the alignment, check the wheel well, etc.; they just replace the worn tire with the new tire.  You thank them, pay your money and drive away; unfortunately, 3 months later, you’ll be back with uneven wear on the front tire.  The real problem was never the tire.  Makes sense, right?  Logical? Common sense, even?

Surgery, especially of the orthopedic variety, is incredibly similar to this idea.  Over time, our bodies become out of alignment due to injury, misuse, disuse, overuse, habitual postures, repetitive movements and weakness and develop the resultant restrictions through our fascial system (which can be read about here).  These restrictions then place abnormal pressures on the structures of the body, with some muscle groups being overstretched while other groups are shortened.  This, in turn, places crushing pressure on joint spaces within the body.  The joints, which should be frictionless, become friction-full due to the immense pressures building up.  This leads to uneven wear in the joint space (i.e. osteoarthritis, degenerative joint, degenerative disc).  We consult with the best surgeon in our area (mechanic) who advises repair or replacement of the damaged structures (tire).

Unfortunately, the surgery is only the beginning and never a “fix” in itself.  Just as the tire itself was not the real problem, neither were the joint spaces, discs, tendons, ligaments, etc.  Surgery cannot affect the myofascial restrictions, subconscious holding patterns and the resultant weaknesses that began this process of degradation.  That’s where Inner Circle comes in.  We have the expertise and skill necessary to check the alignment, the wheel well, etc. and assist in helping your body, and all its worn tires, back to a pain-free and active lifestyle!